Teen and Me

Family Coaching with the focus on teenagers and parents helping with communication and relationships.

Problem Solving

Using healthy communication skills targeted to teen understanding and accountability.

Over 30 yr Experience

Social Work background, working for the community with developmentally delayed people.

Targeted Coaching

Specialize in Problem/Solution Coaching Methods for quick and measurable  results.

Results Oriented

Learn new skills, types of communication and problem solving for measurable results. 

Free ebook: Top 10 Mistakes Parents make with their Teens.‚Äč

Doris Wakefield

Doris Wakefield spend over 30 years in social work and found her passion in helping teens. Most importantly, helping teens and parents communicate in a healthy manner that allows the growing relationship to blossom and navigate the new issues the young adults are faced with today. She uses target coaching for quick problem/solution style work. Due to her experience, the personalized exercises, role playing, her ability to think outside of the box, the teens learn to be accountable for their actions, behavior and communication as do the parents.

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Doris Wakerfield specializes in results oriented coaching. Claim your free problem/solution phone session today. Learn simple solutions for difficulty in communication with your teen. It does not have to be that hard and their are solutions!